Building Biology, Comprehensive EMF Testing Services & Consulting



Understanding how EMFs affect your health

Our specialities are comprehensive Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) testing and building design for

low EMF environments and healthy living using building biology principles. 


  • We conduct comprehensive EMF assessments for existing living spaces- and pre/purchase and rental

  • We are passionate about assisting with the design stage to help build healthy low EMF homes and avoid problems at the building stage 

  • We focus on solutions and practical ways to reduce your exposure to non-native EMFs

  • We provide phone consultations to help with information specific to your home. We can also help you understand products and shielding how to best protect you and your family in your home.  

EMF assessments  

  • Assess dirty electricity

  • Light flicker rate and light spectrum 

  • Radiofrequency radiation (from 27MHz-10Ghz) includes 5G active at the moment  (smart meters, mobile phone towers, WIFI etc.)

  • AC Magnetic fields (high voltage transmission lines, switchboards, alarm clocks etc.)

  • AC Electric fields (from all sources of electricity- these fields can be more harmful with high dirty electricity)

  • Geopathic Stress



The Passion Behind the Business

Striving for healthy and harmonic living by balancing nature and technology with EMF solutions.


Managing Partner | BHSc, Adv.Dip, Building Biology, Advanced EMR (IBE seminar),

Investigating environmental causations, specifically in our indoor environments, became a passion for Kara when observing maintaining causes for illness in clinical practice. Kara strives to help educate people on the impacts of hazards in our home and why they need to be considered in a holistic approach to health.


Partner | Licenced Electrician, EMF Testing Technician

Marco’s passion is creating new solutions and assessing all aspects of the non-native EMFs; electric fields, magnetic fields, radiofrequencies and dirty electricity. He is also passionate about how an often forgotten man-made EMF, our home lighting, impacts on the body.


Kara Kieley: 0424 415 767

BHSc, Adv.Dip, Building Biology, Adv. EMR (IBE)

Marco Simeoni: 0438 568 252

Licenced Electrician, EMF Testing Technician 

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